Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25 things about me

I was going to try for 50, but couldn't think of that many.

  1. I first learned to ride a horse when I was 3
  2. When I was sixteen I flew to Toronto on my own to show cows.
  3. I'm not easily impressed.
  4. When I got married my dad finally told me I was no longer grounded. Yes, I was that bad.
  5. My dad is a pilot and I've been flying in small planes since I was a little girl.
  6. My first time on a commercial plane was when I was 15.
  7. I can't play volleyball. The only sport I've tried that I truly suck at.
  8. I learned how to drive a tractor when I was 12. My brothers were younger than that, but I had to wait until I could reach the pedals and was heavy enough to push in the clutch and brake.
  9. I drove from Las Vegas to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Best drive I've ever made. I want to go again and again.
  10. I've seen a ghost.
  11. For fun as kids, my brothers and I would climb to the top of spruce trees (30 - 40 ft) and jump from tree top to tree top.
  12. I don't like wearing gloves, it makes me feel blind.
  13. I have excellent long term memory. My first memory is when I was two years old.
  14. Sometimes eating chicken drumsticks grosses me out.
  15. I have two older brothers. One to get me into trouble, the other to get me out.
  16. As a kid I had an imaginary friend named Banjo.
  17. I can swim, but I can't do the front crawl.
  18. I started boxing to see how hard I could hit.
  19. I like to draw.
  20. I wish I hadn't quit ballet when I was 7.
  21. I don't like nail polish. It makes my fingers feel heavy.
  22. In junior high I played the trumpet in band.
  23. I used to win money playing pool.
  24. I don't like most seafood.
  25. I like heights.


Dave Atkinson said...

Details on 10, please.

Misty said...

It sounds silly. But I'm 100% sure of it. I saw my dog. I was in grade 9. It was about 4 months after she died, on a sunny afternoon. I was walking out from around the back of our house on my way to the barn. I saw her cross the lawn in front of me and go around the front of the house. I was so sure that despite logic, I ran and called for her. She was gone of course, but I felt warm and happy.
I also felt my God mother when she died. I had no idea she was near death. I was in university and honestly didn't think of her that often. But suddenly, at the top of the stairs I stopped and felt a chill or something and thought, aunt Gert has died. A minute later the phone rang and it was Mom with the news. All I could say was I know.
Silly, weird, whatever, but Scouts honor true.

Dave Atkinson said...

Scout's honour never lies.

Natalie said...

I loved reading these, I think I'll do the same today! xox buddy, hope to see you soon.

PS - You always impress me!

Sus said...

Did you once have a boyfriend named Mike?

Quadelle said...

Interesting list.

Why do you wish you hadn't quit ballet?

Are there other things you wish you had or hadn't done?

Misty said...

I love to dance. I was good at it. I wish I had stuck with it and learned how. I quit because the class was too slow and boring. I didn't know the next year would have been better. A decision I kind of wish my mom hadn't allowed since I was so young.