Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who infected me with lazy?

This isn't good folks. Not good at all. The new year is supposed to start clean. A clean slate to fill with resolutions and goals. Reflections of the year gone. Well my slate looks like sidewalk art after a rain.

Last year was insane. It was the eve of 2008 when we accepted an offer to sell the house. Which of course caused the calamity of the next 6 months. In case you missed it we moved, and then moved again. The insane part, in hindsight wasn't the moving, but what we have to show for the calamity. New house, new job, new friends, new home. Phew. Dreams I've dreamt since childhood tantalize me they're so close. There is a pasture in my back yard folks! But it is those very dreams that make my mind swim. They clutter my head like toys at my feet, tripping me up. Causing me to miss what's happening right around me. Present tense.

Since when did time go by so fast? Did the earth start spinning faster without anyone telling me? All I've brought with me into 2009 is a laundry list of things I didn't do last year. All muddled up with the new list that comes packaged with the hangover on the 1st. As I try to make heads or tails of it all its suddenly Friday, another week gone and nothing done. (I could have sworn that yesterday was Monday) And who slipped this extra 10 lbs into my pants when I wasn't looking, because it's not funny.

Owen's school registration came today, this fall he'll be in primary and Reiley will be a teen in Junior High. You'd think this shattering news (at least to all the mom's out there who youngest baby is off to school) would snap me back. Jolt me into action, but neh. I'm still sitting here dreaming. My ass still growing. So far gone am I, that I'd need to write a list to prepare for making a list. I'd have to start walking in order to start running.

No wonder we never keep our resolutions. I have goals without any idea of how I'm going to accomplish them. And I'd really like to. But the only thing I've accomplished so far is making a list of excuses for doing jack.

Monday, January 5, 2009


We bundled ourselves up but good. Back during the age when having snowpants was as vital as having boots. We threw on anything and everything that we figured would keep us warm. By the time we walked out the door we looked like the Stay Puff marshmellow man after falling in a bucket of paint. But we were warm.

We couldn't resist putting on the snowshoes anymore than we could resist the snow. They had fun written all over them from our point of view. Anything that made you walk funny with the potential of falling on your face was fun I our book. So my best good friend and I set out to find the biggest snow drift we could.

That was the day we jumped in, arms at our sides, head first into snow drifts. Just like diving in a pool. I could hardly dig Suzie out for laughing so hard. Poking out above the snow was 2 short legs attached to two enormous wooden snowshoes.

It was this memory that struck me first when I opened the mystery box under the tree. I couldn't stop giggling as I waddled around in the snow, trying to find the deepest snowbank I could. Wearing so many clothes I could hardly move, only my 10 year old eyes peeking out.