Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am not a morning person.

On the weekend I will slowly open my eyes around 9:00 and stretch out on the bed, which by then I will have all to myself. I might go back to sleep or just stay there, not wanting to exert any energy required for movement. When I was younger, 9:00 was early.

Dusk is my favorite time of day. When the sun hangs low and the trees are dark.

It surprises me that I haven't offended the morning yet with my crankiness or lack of visitation. Instead, when I do wake up early it greets me with scenes like this. Makes me think that perhaps I need to spend more time with the sunrise.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The football game

There was a football game at the house tonight.

The players:
Reiley: the self proclaimed awesome player

Dad: the quarterback

Owen: the kid who brought a baseball bat to a football game.

The whisltle blew.
Reiley the self proclaimed awesome player, threw the ball to Dad the quarterback.

Dad the quarterback tossed it to Owen the kid who brought a baseball bat to a football game.

After Owen the kid who brought a baseball bat to a football game hit the ball, a time out was called.

But the fans got bored and demanded more action.

So Dad the quarterback tackled Reiley the self proclaimed awesome player.

Owen the kid who brought a baseball bat to a football game gave chase and the action all ended up way to close to the camera mom.

Around the sun

Owen and I were reading about space the other night for his bed time story.  He was asking about astronauts, space ships and planets.  I showed him the diagram of how the planets orbit the sun.  He sucked up all the information like a sponge.  Hungry for knowledge.  You could almost see his brain feeding on it all. 
Owen: So the sun stays still and the planets go around it?
Me: Yup.  Can you guess how long it takes earth to go around the sun?
Owen: How long?
Me: One whole year.
Owen, his brain chewing on this new information: One year!  That means I've been around the sun six times!

I suddenly felt like a big space explorer.  I've been around the sun 32 times!  He always makes me smile by the way he sees the world. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 21: Raw Hide

I can't really choose a picture of the day.  It's more like a story of the day.

Shady, like most dogs, loves raw hide bones.  So much so that she will run to the closet where we keep them if we even whisper the word.  She's getting so good, that she's learned how to spell the word.  Before offering her one, we would ask if there were any b-o-n-e 's in the house, to avoid disappointment if we had run out.  She's caught on to us.  She knows what that spells. 

She'll spend hours happily chewing away.  Her eyes roll back and glaze over like a junkie.  Happy time for Shady.   Until the cat comes along and ruins her appetite.


When they were babies they'd open their eyes knowing something new.  Like magic, they'd wake up and know how to smile, sit up, crawl, talk.  With each turn of my head they grew, and when I turned back they were someone new. 

Last week we spent camping at Kejimkujik National Park.  The park has been a part of me as long as there has been a me.  Who knows, that very well may be where I became an anything.  Every single summer of my thirty-two years I've spent time at Keji.  It's home.  There is a scar on my right foot from hitting a tree on my bike.   The tree is bigger now, it's bark chewed from handle bars who caught in the same place as mine. 

We take the kids.  Like my mother I mark the campsite number on their hands so they don't get lost.  Or if they do, an adult can send them the right way.  Then we set them free.  With a ride down the trail we blink and our baby becomes a boy, our boy a young man. 

Like a rite of passage, they grow here each summer, just like I did.  Owen even has a scar from crashing his bike.  I couldn't love it more.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is Hobbes.  Ive told you about Hobbes before.  The incredibly easy to tease cat with many names.  But really can you blame us for teasing him when he allows pictures to be taken looking like this?  He is 11 years old and he hasn't really changed (his missing tail being the exception) since I brought him home.   He's independent, thinks dogs drool, a chronic napper and will try his luck asking other family members for supper after he's been fed.  He's also the softest thing I've ever touched.  Ever.  He's a great cat.  He's also my picture of the day.  (After he finished cleaning his junk in the front yard.)

Project 365

6:365 Mart
Originally uploaded by Misty Croney

On July 28th I started a little project. Together with a group for support, I decided to take a picture everyday for a whole entire year. I'm currently on day 11 and I've already run out of things around my house to take pictures of. So it shall be interesting to see what I find to change things up a bit. That's the whole idea of the project though. To help me (force me) try new things, take pictures of things I wouldn't normally and break out of my comfort zone. I'm pretty comfy in my little zone.

This picture is from day 6. We went to Scots Bay along the Bay of Fundy. The tide was way out so the beach was long and the mud extra squishy. If you'd like to follow along visit my flickr page.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Maybe it's genetic. My Grampy loved the rain too, and never missed the chance to drive through puddles, wether it was on bike, tractor or truck. Or maybe having the name Misty predisposes me to liking the rain. Either way, I do like the rain. And puddles.

Today we had my most favorite kind of rain. Warm and straight down, not too hard, just steady. Almost lazy. Just right to leave drops hanging from leaves and bikes and toys forgotten. The whole of outdoors stood still. Quiet. The only sound was the rain. All the trees and plants seemingly heaved a collective sigh. Not a bird or bug was seen or heard.

I like plodding around in raincoat and rubber boots on days like today. Weaving my way around the newly washed world. Witnessing the toys lying wet in the grass, the hammer next to the not yet completed shed, the bird feeder hanging still for the first time in days. Everything is different and everything is the same. Everything stands still and listens.