Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 21: Raw Hide

I can't really choose a picture of the day.  It's more like a story of the day.

Shady, like most dogs, loves raw hide bones.  So much so that she will run to the closet where we keep them if we even whisper the word.  She's getting so good, that she's learned how to spell the word.  Before offering her one, we would ask if there were any b-o-n-e 's in the house, to avoid disappointment if we had run out.  She's caught on to us.  She knows what that spells. 

She'll spend hours happily chewing away.  Her eyes roll back and glaze over like a junkie.  Happy time for Shady.   Until the cat comes along and ruins her appetite.


alejna said...

Oh, I love that last photo. The nose! So sweet.

I like the whole story, too.

thordora said...

oh I LOVE this. That damn cat in the background! :D

words words said...

Damn that cat.

Bea said...

Your dog is the most beautiful chocolatey colour.