Thursday, August 19, 2010

Around the sun

Owen and I were reading about space the other night for his bed time story.  He was asking about astronauts, space ships and planets.  I showed him the diagram of how the planets orbit the sun.  He sucked up all the information like a sponge.  Hungry for knowledge.  You could almost see his brain feeding on it all. 
Owen: So the sun stays still and the planets go around it?
Me: Yup.  Can you guess how long it takes earth to go around the sun?
Owen: How long?
Me: One whole year.
Owen, his brain chewing on this new information: One year!  That means I've been around the sun six times!

I suddenly felt like a big space explorer.  I've been around the sun 32 times!  He always makes me smile by the way he sees the world. 

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Carol said...

Good at math, too!