Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm done!


I'm done!  I can't believe it, but I am finished my project 365!  Remember a year ago when I said I was starting. Yeah, that was forever ago.

A year ago I didn't know enough to know what I didn't know. I thought that the project would be a piece of cake until about day 11.  I was bored and uninspired and had no idea what to shoot.  I can see my progress through the year of pictures, but can't articulate quite what I learned or how that makes me feel. Mostly I feel proud.  I can't believe the task went from a struggle to a habit. Not only did my pictures improve but the days where I just took something to say I did were fewer and fewer. I can't tell you what I learned technically, but I'll offer you this:

A few things you should know before you start your own project 365:
  • A year is both very short and very long.
  • I suggest owning a dog or cat or both. If you don't, then get one - even if you have to rent it.
  • Having kids is crucial to success. If you don't have any, rent them too. You will need them.
  • Have a house with good light.
  • Have interesting things in your house that you can take interesting pictures of when it's 11:30 pm and haven't got your picture of the day yet. That, or do what I did and take pictures of boring things.
  • Plant a flower garden. This will supply you with material to photograph for a good 100 shots anyway.
  • Get a good camera bag because you will be carrying your camera everywhere you go for at least a year. I say at least, because even when you're done, you'll likely still carry it around out of habit.
  • Lenses make great gifts. Ask for one you don't have. New toys always give you new inspiration.
In my year I took 54 pictures of my kids, 20 pictures of my dog, 11 of my horse, 9 of my cat, 7 of chickens and 6 of my cows. If I didn't have these props I don't think I'd be able to complete the project.

In my year I learned a few things about myself too.
  • I don't like taking pictures of people. Especially in public.
  • I like shooting into the light.
  • My dog is very photogenic.
  • I am glad I live in the country because there is a lot of things to take pictures of.
  • I suck at prompts.
  • I can take pictures of kids.
  • I'm not a big fan of textures.
  • I need rain gear for my camera. Being stuck indoors for a week when it's wet and cold kills photographic mojo.
  • I am not very good a picking my picture of the day. Some of my favorite pictures now, I didn't choose at the time as my picture.
The best thing I learned this year was how to capture what I love, the way I see it, so you can see it too.

These are some of my favorites for the year.























Bon said...

i LOVE your photos. your eye. the way you see and have helped me see things i've never looked at.

Hannah said...

Congratulations. I am in awe of you for finishing this project. And inspired by the beautiful art you've created with your lens and your heart.

alejna said...

Hurray! I loved this post. Your list of suggestions for doing project 365 is brilliant. (I should have rented a dog! That's what I was missing!)

I really, really love your photos. You capture light so beautifully.

(I'm working on a summary post, too, though I don't know when, if ever, I'll manage to finish. As usual, I'm getting too caught up in the details. And I have a work deadline.)

sweetsalty kate said...

Yay! Fantastic body of work, light, moxie. xo

Sue said...

Good choices. Very good choices, Misty. And, again, congratulations.

So I just have to ask: did you take a photo today. I did. I didn't know how not to.

Sue said...

I just thought of one more thing that a person starting a 365 should own or rent: a bird feeder or maybe multiple bird feeders.

Dave Atkinson said...

Nice work. Creativity, woo!

Misty said...

Sue, I had it with me, but didn't take one on purpose. It was hard not to. Thought about it all day.
Great suggestion on the bird feeder. Yes, I'd consider it a must as well.

Thanks everyone!

Quadelle said...

Way to go! You've produced absolutely beautiful images, and I love your take on the world. It has been inspiring to regularly see such beautiful images from you - I hope you keep going! Great last image, too! :)

thordora said...

I LOVE that Enfield. Want so bad.

I've enjoyed watching your photos...your use of light always catches me by surprise.