Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Froggy Woggy

Owen's hair had grown far too long.

He had been evading me for just as long.  So I finally put my foot down and put Owen into a chair, fresh from a bath (he didn't want to take) and got out my scissors.  He insisted he put his stuffed toy frog in another chair to watch.  That done, he told me I could start.

As I was snip-snipping along I got a lesson in the definition of an old word I apparently didn't know, even after all these years.

Owen: I want Froggy to get a hair cut after me.

Me: How can I cut Froggy's hair? Frogs don't have hair.

Owen: Well he does.  His name is Froggy Woggy.

Me: (???)

Owen: He's not just Froggy, he's Froggy Woggy, so he has hair.  Woggy means he has hair.  So he is Froggy who has hair.

Me: Oh. Um, maybe I'll cut his another day though, ok?

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Dave Atkinson said...

I know Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear with hair issues...