Monday, July 5, 2010

road trip

Five hours in the car with a 6 year old and 13 year old in the back seat. Thankfully we have air conditioning. How was our drive? Oh, fantastic. A breeze really. Like a day at the spa.

Owen: Mom. Mom. Mummy. Mo-Om. MomMomMomMom

Me: What!?

O: I love you.


O: Mom I'm done my lunch and my drink is all gone.

Me: Good.

O: Mom. Mom. Mommy. I need to pee.

We are in the middle of the "no services for 70 km" part of the trip. I look back to ask if he can wait and see him sitting fists clenched, legs crossed next to an empty medium size Dairy Queen cup. We pull over and water the weeds in the ditch. We can't get to the trees because of the moose fencing. Or maybe they just don't like people peeing in their woods and it's really people fencing. Either way, at least he's a boy.

O: How many more hours?

Me: 2 hours and 45 minutes

O: Oh.

O: How many more now?

Me: 2 hours and 43 minutes

O: Are we even moving?!


O: Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mooooommmmmmyyyyyy. Mom. Ma. Mummy.

Me: What!?

O: I forget.

Reiley (shaking head): Owen you are such a kid.

O: Oh yeah! Well you're an animal! My teacher said so. She said we're all just animals.

Caged animals. Exactly. Stuck in a vehicle, stuck on the highway. Just trying to get from point A to point B without completely loosing it.

How was our visit? Fantastic! The wedding was wonderful. We all had a great time. I just need to work on my particle beam so we can avoid the drive and travel Star Trek style.


Words Words said...

"Owen: Mom. Mom. Mummy. Mo-Om. MomMomMomMom

Me: What!?

O: I love you."

I've heard this conversation a million times. Sometimes, I think the punchline is changed at the last minute when Mum's tone says her patience is gone.

Carol said...

Sounds like that Family Guy moment. You know the one. Where Stewies says "Mom. Mom. Mom. Lois. Lois. Mama. Mama..." for five minutes before she explodes with "WHAT?" and he says "Hi" and runs out gigging.

My parents drove from Toronto to Orlando with me in the car when I was 4. I wonder how they survived. I remember a lot of toys and books on tape.