Monday, November 9, 2009

Master Hobbes needs a watch

Animals can tell time. Incredibly well. Back when I was working on a dairy farm, I could set my watch to the cows. Each morning at the same time, they were in the same place, doing the same thing. Perhaps most wouldn't find this as much a display of their ability to tell time, but more of their eat, sleep, chew cud lifestyle. Maybe a better example would be dogs. My childhood dog Sandy, would wait outside on the doorstep each day, at the same time, waiting for my bus. She even learned my soccer schedule.

So knowing how habitual animals are in their own way, and how well they can tell time, I feel bad when the time changes. Twice a year, Hobbes, our never misses a meal cat, gets frustrated and, well, down right mad, when we stop feeding him on time. Each night in our house, the dog and cat get fed at 7:00 pm, after we've done our supper. It's been 2 weeks since the time changed and Hobbes has not yet adjusted. Instead, he sits starring at the door to the closet which holds his food, at 5:30. (He has always preferred arriving for supper early in case the waiters choose to accommodate him.) Come 6:00, he is insistent we've made an error, that we are late. And how dare we treat him this way! Meow meow meow. It's a good thing cats cannot move things with their minds. Though I think they are still trying to master it. If so, the closet door would open and food would pour into his bowl. Until he masters it, he will sit and stare at the door and curse us up and down, voicing his displeasure. Meow meow meow for an hour. He has an amazing ability to tell us exactly how pissed off he is, just by the slant of his ears and squint of his eyes. After an hour and a half, he has few kind words for us.

Poor Hobbes, I think he'd vote to not change the time each season. Hopefully he'll adjust soon and stop giving his servants the evil eyes and cold shoulder.

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