Monday, October 6, 2008

Life in the service of a cat.

Our house, like most others is full of unwritten rules. I buy groceries, Mart mows the lawn. We even have some unusual ones, like no feathered pets. I love ducks and chickens, but I guess I can't win all the time.

There is one rule that rules above all else. It can trump any chore and gives reason for others to do things for you, without argument. I don't know how the rule was created. Hobbes must be way smarter than we ever gave a cat credit for, because of course, the rule benefits him the most. Heaven forbid, he ever be disturbed.

If the cat is sitting on my lap, I can't, just can't get up to answer the phone or get myself an evening snack. I can't. The cats on me, I am immobile. Out of service until he decides to move. Of course, because of the under lying laziness of our species, this rule is often taken advantage of. If it weren't for the cunning mastermind of Hobbes, it would be down right abused. But he is not one to be placed on a lap. He is wise and all knowing. The only way he will lay upon your lap is if he chooses. (Or you have the brown cosy blanket on you.) We still try though, to stretch this rule, while we lay like mush on the couch. Hooray for me, if so much as my pinkie hides under his plush, soft, extra cushiony coat.

Hobbes does not allow cheaters. Don't try to slip in under him, when the ring of "can you..." is heard in the house. Hobbes will be gone, and you'll be stuck, sitting there alone, doing nothing. No way out of this chore. Better luck next time.

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