Wednesday, September 3, 2008

path in the grass

Mart, can you do me a favour? Mow me a path in the grass?

The grass 5 feet tall stood ragged like hair in bad need of a cut. Through the grass if you could see, there is a gate. But the grass is just too long. A path is needed indeed.
So off he goes, to please his wife. He was looking for a chore to do anyway. An excuse to be outside. The little red mower that could, small next to the stand of grass, chopped away. Soon to my delight a path was formed.

The clear blue sky and air that perfectly matched the heat of my skin called me outside. I love the evening sun. And watching him out there working away, only his head visible to me, well I just had to go see.

The little red mower, with her task complete sat quiet at his feet. "There you go" he said with a smile. Then the butterflies started tickling my insides and giggles spilled out of my cheeks and I couldn't stand it anymore. I skipped, I danced, I ran down that path, then turned and did it back again. The silliest thing a for mother, but I wasn't a mother just then.

Then the kids, a yard away, seeing the top of their mothers head bobbing through the grass, gave in to curiosity. The butterflies and giggles must have found them too, because soon I was joined by the two. Dogs sense fear, and sadness, but most of all joy. They bounded down the path, barks of excitement they couldn't hold back, came pouring out. Our fun echoed over the field while we ran.

The trees became silhouettes, the air cool on my skin, and soon it was time to go back inside. The smile still spread across our faces for a silly path in the grass.

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